TESCO Academy

TESCO Academy


“We wanted to work in partnership with a like-minded organisation that had a proven track record in trainer development but was flexible and pragmatic enough to adapt to Tesco needs” says Nicola Steele, Tesco Academy Director.

After extensive research and investigations in both the UK and the USA, Tesco Academy approached The Training Foundation for their advice. Following an initial consultancy assignment a tailored trainer development and certification scheme was devised within the framework of the TAP programme.

Nicola Steele has been delighted by the results. “Feedback from the training has been very good from the outset. Our people feel confident that they can design and deliver effective training interventions that meet business objectives, increase knowledge and develop skill. They also find that the learning design and delivery skills they learn are easy to put into practice.”

Now, six years later, more than 550 Tesco training and line management personnel have attended training delivery and training design courses leading to TAP certification. These personnel were drawn from locations ranging from Eastern Europe to the North of Scotland.

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