Michael issues Stark warning!

Michael issues Stark warning!

Michael Stark, Assistant Director of the Learning & Skills Council recently addressed some 230 senior training and education executives and spoke bluntly of the need to achieve consistent, best-practice training standards for publicly-funded programmes.

"Specifically we need something which will ensure that if our money, the public's money, is going to be spread much more widely amongst different kinds of providers, we have got to have some consistency: of outcomes measured through qualifications, of the type of training organisation which we are prepared to back, and the capacity and quality of the individual trainer. And I cannot lay enough stress on that last point."

"If we don't have consistency and guarantee of performance of trainers then everything else we do is a waste of time. Unless we have got some opportunity to demonstrate the commonality of standards across the private sector, in-house training and the public sector, then again we have no measure of future performance.

That is one of the reasons why I am personally very interested in the TAP programme, which does offer precisely that."

Keynote Speech at the Training Strategy Conference

by Michael Stark, Former Assistant Director of The Learning & Skills Council

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