The Training Foundation joins European e-Learning Industry Core Group

The Training Foundation joins European e-Learning Industry Core Group

The e-Learning Industry Group (eLIG) assists the European Commission and Member State Governments in furthering the objectives of the Commission's eLearning Action Plan. Speaking at the Prometeus Conference in Paris on 30th September, Dr. Richard Straub, Director of e-Learning Solutions for IBM and Chairman of eLIG, summarised recent developments.

Dr Straub revealed that the Core Group had been enlarged to include The Training Foundation. The full list of members now consists of: The Training Foundation, 3Com, Accenture, SanomaWSOY, Sun Microsystems, Apple, Online Courseware Factory, BT, Vivendi Universal Publishing, Cisco, Alcatel, Digitalbrain, Klett Languages, IBM, Intel, Wolters Kluwer, Line Communications, Global Knowledge, NIIT, DLGI and Nokia.

The Training Foundation is perhaps best known for the innovative Certified e-Learning Professional (CeLP) programme, developed in close partnership with the UK Institute of IT Training and launched in January of 2002.

(Note to readers;  the Certified e-Learning Professional programme was integrated into the TAP Learning System in Jan 2006. The CeLP certificated courses have been improved, with certification being awarded under the TAP programme by the Institute of IT Training. Visit the TAP Skills website for details)

Speaking shortly after an eLIG Core Group meeting in Brussels on September 18th, Adrian Snook, Director of Corporate Development for The Training Foundation commented: "This move confirms our central position and growing influence on the development of the European e-Learning industry."

"The e-Learning Industry Group recognises the critical importance of providing continuous professional development for teachers and trainers and is committed to enhancing their status by helping them develop and understand the principles for effective e-Learning", Snook explained. "The Training Foundation shares this mission and seeks to ensure that educators in all areas of life are recognised and rewarded as crucial to the development of the information society and knowledge economy."

The Industry Group provides advice to the European Commission and national governments in the development of relevant professional and personal skills, essential information technology and telecommunications infrastructure, open standards to facilitate the exchange of e-learning content, and development of a sustainable market for e-learning content.