NHS supports staff online learning

NHS supports staff online learning

The National Health Service Information Authority is offering 200 current NHS trainers places on an e-tutoring skills programme under the Certified e-Learning Professional Programme.

(Note to readers;  the Certified e-Learning Professional programme was integrated into the TAP Learning System in Jan 2006. The CeLP certificated courses have been improved, with certification being awarded under the TAP programme by the Institute of IT Training. Visit the TAP Skills website for details)

The programme combines a one-day classroom course with three online courses, which will teach the delegates the skills required to support learners engaged in online learning. Successful trainers will receive the Certificate in e-Tutoring Skills from the Institute of IT Training (IITT).

"The NHS in England is committed to a major basic IT skills development programme for some 700,000 staff over the next 5 years," said Diane Benjamin, Programme Manager for the NHS Information Authority. "We anticipate that the majority will choose to study via e-Learning approaches, so it's vital that we put in place effective learner support to assist staff, many of whom will be studying online for the first time."

Colin Steed, Chief Executive of the Institute, welcomed the news. "The e-tutor skills programme has already successfully taken many hundreds of students through to certification and we are pleased that NHS trainers will now undertake this programme. It shows that there's a growing awareness of the vital role that skilled e-tutors play in the success of any e-Learning programme - this has been the Institute's central message over the last few years."