The Training Foundation to work with Ufi to promote best practice in e-Learning content development

The Training Foundation to work with Ufi to promote best practice in e-Learning content development

Collaboration recognises the growing importance of online learning for training and education and the need for content developed to sound instructional design principles.

The Training Foundation and Ufi today announced a collaborative initiative, in which they will work together to advance best-practice in e-Learning content development.

The collaboration includes Ufi Ltd undertaking pilot content development using The Foundation's innovative content development system Acce-Lerator. The Learning Content team at UfI will work with the Foundation's development team to review and enhance the system for use in the development of learning materials to UfI standards and specifications.

Ufi's learning services are being delivered through learndirect, which provides access to innovative and high quality courses, over 80 percent of them on-line. learndirect will enable people to fit learning into their lives, learning wherever they have access to the internet- at home, at work, or in one of over 1500 learndirect centres.

"Ufi is committed to the online medium for delivery of its growing catalogue of learning materials to learndirect students," said John Brown, Director of Learning for UfI. "We are constantly examining ways to improve the quality of learning materials, both in terms of design and content. We have been working with The Training Foundation now for some three years and are impressed by the support for good instructional design it has built into Acce-Lerator and the simple development environment it provides for those without technical authoring skills. Ufi has a keen interest in promoting best-practice in e-Learning content development, and we are therefore pleased to be working with The Training Foundation in this collaboration."

Acce-Lerator innovatively enables non-technical subject matter experts to quickly create online learning, supported by comprehensive instructional design assistance where needed. It empowers organisations to deliver adaptive learning environments which are easily maintainable to changing needs. Acce-Lerator supports the Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), a set of interrelated technical specifications, enabling the reuse of Web-based learning content across multiple learning management and content management systems. Content developed through Acce-Lerator is deliverable across a wide range of open standards platforms, which delivers improved flexibility and future-proofing to customers.

"Our collaboration with Ufi is an extension of the work we have being doing together over the last few years," said Nick Mitchell, Chairman of The Training Foundation, "and an endorsement of our strategy. We share a common passion for e-Learning so it's natural that we look to collaborate in the areas vital for its long term success, such as content development."