Online course in MRSA infection control awarded certification by the Royal Institute of Public Health

Online course in MRSA infection control awarded certification by the Royal Institute of Public Health

The RIPH has today announced the findings of their independent assessment of a new online course, 'MRSA - you can make a difference', formally launched by The Training Foundation in July.

The RIPH administers an internationally recognised Certification Service for training packages that help to improve public health, safety and hygiene. This assessment process involves a systematic review of the subject matter and an in depth analysis of all the training design elements. Certificated training packages must meet their stated aims and objectives, must be easy to use and must meet good standards of training design.

Mrs Wendy Moore, General Manager of the Royal Institute of Public Health commented: "The ongoing fight against MRSA infection is now a top priority for both the government and healthcare professionals nationwide. Given these circumstances I am pleased to be able to confirm that the RIPH has certificated 'MRSA - you can make a difference'.

Les Hobbs, Director of Learning Solutions at The Training Foundation commented: " Rather than focusing purely on preventative measures and procedures, the new course provides an opportunity to identify and discuss issues which prevent those measures being put into practice, and at the same time reinforces the actions that every individual can take 'to make a difference'.

"This month's report from the National Audit Office shows that, despite procedures and training in infection control being widely available, MRSA presents an increasing threat. Surveys of healthcare staff indicate that often simple measures are not being consistently implemented.' He went on, 'We therefore decided to design this course in a different and unique way. Our short, online course brings these issues into the open, makes it clear to staff that they can make a real difference as individuals and, indeed, motivates them to make behavioural adjustment where any adjustment is necessary".

Dr Tim Smith, Quality and Standards Directorate, Learning and Skills Council was positive about the initiative: "Fighting the spread of MRSA means that people must change their current behaviour. This delightful on-line course shows the learner how to make small changes that add up to a lot of impact. It's also fun to do."

The one-hour course is designed for all those who come into regular contact with patients. Being an online course means the course will be available at anytime when staff have access to a computer connected to an internal network, or to the Internet. For those without such access the course can be supplied pre-loaded onto wireless tablet PCs. All NHS staff and associated contractors nationwide will therefore be able to gain access.

The course is designed to be a learning resource to assist IC nurses train others and to help them motivate any behavioural adjustment as may be individually required. It is aimed at complementing routine infection control training rather than replacing it and may be used as a standalone awareness course or as part of a wider learning programme with follow up discussion or review sessions.

A unique aspect of the course design is that 'MRSA - you can make a difference' may readily be customised or linked to local, specific infection control policies or procedures.