Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Strategic Health Authority adopts online course in MRSA infection control

Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Strategic Health Authority adopts online course in MRSA infection control

The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Strategic Health Authority has become the first SHA to enter a license agreement for the new online training course, 'MRSA - you can make a difference', formally launched by The Training Foundation three weeks ago.

Under the licence, staff employed by all 18 of the Authority's NHS Trusts, spanning acute hospitals, primary care trusts, mental health trusts and others, will be able to access the training online via The Training Foundation's learning portal.

John de Braux, Chief Executive of the Authority, said "The prevention and control of MRSA is of utmost priority to everyone working in the NHS. This innovative training initiative is excellent and I am delighted that Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire SHA is the first to achieve Authority-wide access for all staff. I am sure that it will reinforce and strengthen our existing staff training programmes and maintain our high standards in the critical area of patient safety across the Authority."

John Swain, Director of Primary Care Support for the B&H SHA, was enthusiastic about the course. "I have been impressed by this course; it is easy to use and designed to maintain the user's interest. We feel it will be relevant to all NHS staff and will complement our existing initiatives in the control of MRSA. As it can be used flexibly to suit local circumstances, we are sure it will help our Trusts and PCTs to achieve and maintain their performance in this key area, as set out in new national standards for the NHS."

Jacky Hunt, Lead Nurse, Infection Control for East and North Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, said: "MRSA - you can make a difference is very user-friendly and integrates well with local policies and procedures. The course contains sound infection control information and I like the way that it emphasises that EACH health care worker can really make a difference."

Nick Mitchell, Chief Executive at The Training Foundation commented: "Last month's report from the National Audit Office showed that, despite procedures and training in infection control being widely available, MRSA presents an increasing threat. We believe that the unique approach of this relatively short course has the power to assist health care professionals by reinforcing their commitment to consistently follow best practice guidelines."

"The course is designed to be a learning resource to assist infection control nurses train others and to help them motivate behavioural adjustment where required. It is aimed at complementing routine infection control training rather than replacing it, either as a stand-alone awareness course or as part of a wider learning programme."

"Since the course was launched two weeks ago, we have been inundated with enquiries across the entire health care sector. We have been most impressed by the very positive and thorough approach taken by the senior management team at the B&H SHA, and are delighted that they are now the first Authority to licence the course. We now look forward to working with the SHA to ensure a successful implementation."