Clearer Thoughts on TAP

Clearer Thoughts on TAP

When Tricia Clewett and Donna Stewart founded their training company Clearer Thoughts in 2001 they were confident to offer their services as innovative and professional trainers. In the summer of 2004, they attended the 3-day Delivery Skills Refresher course which led to them achieving the TAP Certificate in Training Delivery Skills.

Clearer Thoughts is a training organisation catering to SMEs. It specialises in IT, Personal Development and Management training and in the four years since its inception has succeeded in attracting as clients a number of major Merseyside and national companies and organisations. 

As Clearer Thoughts prospered Tricia and Donna found their confidence in their own abilities was rapidly reinforced. However, in 2004, despite receiving feedback which was consistently good, they felt they needed to compare their methods with industry standards and to receive objective assessment of their skills.

Donna and Tricia attended the 3-day Fast-track delivery skills course and found that the structure of the sessions forced them to reconsider the best ways to teach. Since returning to work, they have started to put the methodology into practice and are already seeing the benefits.

Donna was startled to discover that the experience had allowed her to produce even better results. "The TAP methodology makes a huge difference because it allows me to spend more time with delegates and to stimulate them into greater participation."

Tricia decided it would be possible to get across difficult concepts such as data relationships by means of less lecturing and more questioning supported by the use of games. "It will take a while, though, to produce revised scripts for the 100 or so courses that we deliver!" she conceded. "Everyone needs a challenge though, don't they?"