Training Foundation launches online learning community website to promote 'Flow' of best practice

Training Foundation launches online learning community website to promote flow of best practice

The Training Foundation has launched an online community of learning and practice for all past and present students of the TAP Skills Programme.

All past, present and future delegates to TAP courses are now automatically eligible for membership of flow. The community site promotes sharing of best practice as well as providing free of charge access to a wide range of resources, including online personal profiling and authoring systems, e-learning courses, reports, case studies and articles.

"flow signifies our commitment to facilitating continuous learning for trainers, both formally and informally," says Adrian Snook, The Training Foundation's Deputy Chief Executive. "We know from experience that trainers find it hugely beneficial to exchange ideas and experiences with their peers, both online and in the classroom. Now knowledge transfer needn't stop at the end of a TAP course - it can happen any time, anywhere, every day of the year."

As well as participating in discussion forums, focus groups and live chat rooms, flow members can take advantage of other online collaborative tools such as podcasts, wikis and weblogs. They also have access to The Training Foundation's online authoring system and our Profiler system which offers a benchmarking tool to measure an individual's training style against best industry practice, based on four key characteristics: dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance. Members can also select a free e-learning course every month from The Training Foundation's library.