National register of TAP-qualified learning & development professionals launched today

National register of TAP-qualified learning & development professionals launched today

A new national Register of TAP-qualified learning and development professionals was launched at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) Annual Conference and Exhibition, which is taking place in Harrogate today.

When making the announcement Adrian Snook, Deputy CEO of The Training Foundation commented: "The new Register will simplify life for hundreds of employers currently seeking to engage the services of genuine TAP-qualified learning and development professionals."

"There are two main reasons for this announcement. Firstly, The Training Foundation is receiving a growing number of requests from employers seeking confirmation that job applicants and freelance trainers genuinely hold the TAP qualifications they claim. These requests can be very time-consuming to process because The Training Foundation needs to obtain authorisation from the person in question before responding to the employer request."

"Secondly, as a result of rapidly expanding employer demand for personnel with skills certificated to the Queen's Award-winning TAP methodology we are encountering an increasing number of instances where individuals have sought employment by claiming to be 'TAP certified', without specifying which TAP qualification they hold, or even claiming to be "TAP accredited" without holding a TAP qualification of any sort. There is now an urgent need to assist employers to identify genuine TAP-qualified L&D professionals in order to avoid misunderstandings and misrepresentations."

Snook emphasised that "'The Training Foundation is committed to promoting the status of TAP-qualified Learning and Development professionals as a unique differentiator.

The TAP Register will be accessible free of charge to all employers wishing to verify the qualification status of people applying for employment or freelance assignments, or of trainers nominated by external training providers.
The new Register will be accessible to employers from January 2009. Registration is free to those holding the necessary TAP qualifications.

Registrants will receive a confirmatory certificate, a registration number and the appropriate TAP lapel badge (examples illustrated). They are also able to request artwork for business cards and join the online TAP community website and the TAP group at

The requirements for Registration are set out in a free booklet entitled 'Becoming a TAP Registered L&D Professional' available from The Training Foundation. Copies can be requested by calling the Registration hotline: +44 (0)2476 690956