Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We are not solely motivated by profit!

We are an independent commercial organisation and do not receive taxpayer funding for any of our programmes. Neither are we a public quoted company with all the shareholder pressures that brings to maximise the bottom line! This allows us the freedom to fund learning initiatives where we believe there is a real need that is not being met and where we feel we can bring added value. For example....

Employability programme for young people

Ready for Work is a free online learning programme, funded entirely by The Training Foundation, for all young people in full-time education. It has been designed to help young people prepare for their first job and improve their employability as a result.

You can read more about this remarkable initiative...  more...

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NHS - infection control project

This unique programme was developed in 2005 when a close relative of one of our team died of MRSA following a routine operation. We subsequently discovered that, incredibly, there was no national training programme in place for healthcare workers. To our knowledge, this is still the case today.

Our online learning website has now provided awareness training in infection control to more than 60% of all NHS Trusts in England, most of whom signed up to use it within 30 days of its launch....clearly the need was there! 

At The Training Foundation we are delighted at having made a difference to many patients and believe it regrettable that the Department of Health did not accept our invitation to recommend participation to all NHS clinicians. It would likely have saved many more lives. Tony Field, Chairman of the MRSA Support Group, strongly recommended all healthcare workers to take the course and regarded it as their duty to do so. 

Access is now free to anyone interested in protecting themselves and their loved ones as well as anyone working in the healthcare sector - why not try it yourself? To read more about it, click here more...              

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