NHS project

NHS project


NHS - infection control project

This subsidised online portal has licensed awareness training in infection control to more than 60% of NHS Trusts - regrettably, few of these have seen the need to ensure that ALL their staff spend just one hour taking the course...

The 'MRSA - make a difference' courses are short, self-study programmes that are accessed via our learning portal on the Internet. One course is relevant for hospital employees, the other for community workers. With content approved by the Royal Institute for Public Health and the Infection Control Nurses Association, both are very well reported on.

The courses focus on changing the attitudes of the participants towards Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) and in particular MRSA by reinforcing the need to apply Standard (Universal) Precautions in all circumstances and to ensure that local procedures and protocols are adhered to.

It is available free to all healthcare workers, patients or their friends and relatives at the website below.

Go to website - http://www.mrsa.uk.net