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Other Sites

The Training Foundation's other websites provide more detailed information on our range of programmes and services.



TAP Learning System
Skills Programme 

The TAP Skills Programme offers professional development, assessment and certification for all those involved in training and developing others. This website provides details of all TAP courses, fees and programme timetables.

Go to website - www.tap-training.com

All current and past TAP learners may register free on the community site -TAP OnlineCurrent students use the site to access their course materials and communicate online with fellow students or their tutor. Past students can maintain contact with their course colleagues and tutors, share ideas or resources or take part in online discussions.

Go to website - www.taptrainer.com

Train For Work

online portal -
employment training

Train for Work is a unique online learning portal, open to any organisation that wishes to develop, or prepare, people for the workplace and/or management. Course access is available either via the hosted portal. Train for Work provides current, relevant self-study learning resources on a range of essential employment issues. There are two series of courses. The first is for employees, the other is for line managers. 

Go to website - www.trainforwork.net