Skills and Qualifications

Skills and Qualifications

Why review your professional skills?

Whether you are just starting out on a career in learning and development or are a battle-hardened L&D professional, such is the speed of organisational change, you need to keep your knowledge and skills up to date.

The TAP Learning System can uniquely help you do that, via its modular, role-based skills short-courses, designed to give you the skills you need on an as-needed basis. 

They include skills for the traditional classroom medium (training design and delivery, accelerated learning, facilitation etc) or for the online medium (e-tutoring, e-training, e-development) and a range of essential CPD topics.

Experienced trainers, perhaps having achieved a Certificate in Training Practice some years ago, are often viewed as needing nothing more in terms of developing new training skills. This is analagous to the 'cobbler's children's shoes' which never get mended - the cobbler is too busy attending to the needs of others!

In practice, many innovations in learning have been developed, for example, NLP, accelerated learning, blended learning, e-Learning and so on. It makes sense, given the trend towards ensuring best-practice in training, to ensure that your skills are up to date.

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