Learning Strategies

Learning Strategies

As a Head of Learning, where do you want to get to?

The Training Foundation has provided services to more than 1,200 organisations across all strands of the private and public sectors since 1998. This has given us an insight into how employers view training, learning and development - and what needs to change if they are to fully utilise their greatest assets, their people.

In most organisations the focus is on 'training', not 'learning'. Activities are focused on simply ensuring people have the knowledge and skills needed to meet the needs of today. This limits the organisation's ability to draw out the full potential of its people. A 'training' culture is reactive in nature, bound by the past and the present: it typifies market followers, not leaders. Even so, we can help with defining standards and with assessing the quality of training activities.

A different approach prioritises 'learning' over training. Of course, people still need to be trained in what is needed today. However, the emphasis is on becoming a 'learning organisation'. 'Learning' is what we do for ourselves, it puts the focus on the individual and also speaks of a future-oriented culture. A learning culture promotes pro-active change that is led by innovation and discovery. It is a feature of market leaders. If you are intent on becoming a learning organisation, we can assist you you on the journey - that is actually our passion.

On an operational level, the TAP Learning System promotes a holistic, systematic approach to organisational learning. It enables learning standards, quality assurance and practitioner skills. In so doing, it empowers Heads of Learning to provably deliver an excellent ROI to senior management. What TAP offers is unique – it can be the cornerstone of your entire learning strategy.