L&D health-check service

L&D health-check service

Having worked with hundreds of organisations we believe that there are frequently substantive gaps in learning strategies which can be adversely impacting organisational performance.

If you download the booklet, the L&D Health-check service, you'll see that it is a short, client-defined consultancy project of approximately 10 consulting days, designed to assess the organisation’s current L&D capabilities and processes against best practice and make recommendations as to how learning effectiveness improvements can be achieved. No charge is made for an initial scoping meeting.

"Who would the L&D Health-check most benefit?"

A Health-check can assist new Heads of Learning to obtain an objective, externally benchmarked view of their current capability. It would also be useful where established functions are undergoing review and/or restructure.

The ‘goldfish bowl syndrome’ often inhibits organisations from assessing their current performance and capability objectively against external best-practice. An external assessment process can provide constructive recommendations for strategic review and future action.

Wouldn't you want to know if significant improvements could be made?