L&D Standards

L&D Standards

Learning Standards provide a basis for determining consistent and acceptable minimum levels of quality, performance, safety, security and reliability. They also identify the skills needed for quality learning.

“Why do we need organisational Standards?”

Quality and measurement are now key words in the training world. They require baseline standards to measure against. Corporate Governance is a growing issue: proof of effective employee training, which reduces risk, is now required in many regulated environments. Constant change requires constant learning: this is too mission-critical to be left to chance. Provable service delivery to best-practice can correct the negative perceptions about training that some have. It raises peceived value and encourages investment.

“We do not currently have any L&D Standards - where do we start?”

A great place to start is with the learner. The Training Foundation has assisted many organisations to develop their own L&D Standards. We recommend development of a Learner’s Charter, setting out what the learner can expect from the company and vice versa. From this starting point, many other L&D Standards can be developed: an outline is shown below. We would be pleased to advise further; call us on +44 (0) 24 7641 1288.


“We wanted to work in partnership with a like-minded organisation that had a proven track record in trainer development but was flexible and pragmatic enough to meet Tesco needs. The Tesco Academy brand now acts as a guarantee to our people that the training they will receive will be of a consistently high quality.”

Nicola Steele
Tesco Academy Director