The TAP Survey Report

The TAP Survey Report

If you polled the team at The Training Foundation and asked them what they are most proud of, they'd probably refer to the results of the 2009 TAP Survey!

TAP has always enjoyed almost evangelical support: there are more than 2,000 testimonials online at covering every one of the TAP courses. However, the Survey produced truly remarkable results.

Externally moderated by academic Dr Phil Alston, the Survey had 724 respondents from 379 organisations, all of whom had attended a TAP course in 2008, and all of whom are listed in the 54-page Report. You can download the Survey Report or contact us to request a hard-copy. Here are three of the ten qualitative survey results:

Q:      On a scale of 0-10, how likely is it that you would recommend
         the TAP Learning System to others?  

               A:  9.64 
(has there ever been an advocacy rating this high for a skills programme?)

Q:      How often do you use the skills you acquired?  
  Always 36%    Frequently   43%     Sometimes 20%    Never 1%
     (there was an average 8-month gap between attendance on the course
      and the survey: 99% are sustaining behaviour change)

Q:      When using techniques from the TAP Learning System, do you
       achieve better feedback than when not doing so?

           A:  Always 25%    Frequently   42%     Sometimes 31%    Never 2%  
       (98% are achieving improved learning effectiveness)

If this doesn't convince you to try TAP in your own organisation, nothing will!