The TAP Learning System

The TAP Learning System


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TAP is designed to enable development of a learning organisation. It is much more than a simple 'train the trainer' programme; it promotes consistent L&D standards, adoption of an effective learning transfer system and skills development of all involved in the learning process.

In short, TAP empowers the professionalising of training.

Five characteristics are found in any TAP-compliant training event. They are represented in the LEARN model.


"What does 'TAP' stand for?"

TAP is founded on the basic concept that all training should meet best-practice, accredited, standards.


all training activities need to be aligned to business objectives and designed and delivered to best-practice standards.


this demands the skills certification of all involved in designing and delivering learning and development activities.


formalising the proven quality of service provision of the L&D function raises its visibility in the organisation.